Our Mission

Ngangifisa is Zulu for “I dreamed of” and we at Ngangifisa dare to dream.

Our dream is to ensure that the 50 children we care for have the basics they need to stay in school, focus on their future and break the cycle of poverty. Our promise to them is that they will be fed, clothed and have the emotional support they need to thrive.

53 children die everyday in South Africa and malnutrition is the leading cause. 30% of South Africa’s children are underweight for their age. Malnutrition doesn’t only threaten children’s survival, it undermines their ability to focus in school and get an education. Knowing where their next meal will come from should not be a dream for these children. A higher education should not be a dream. Both should be a reality.

Every family that joins our program is given an ACE 1 stove, a 5 gallon pot, a solar light, kitchen utensils, clothes, bedding, school supplies and their first month’s groceries. With this starter-kit comes the guarantee that we will see them on the last Wednesday of every month to give them their next month’s food along with the love and support they deserve.

We rely solely on donations and are grateful to all who give and support us. Sponsoring one family costs only $25 a month. $150 provides a new family with their entire starter kit. Donate now.

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