The magic of 4

I moved to South Africa in 2016 and started Ngangifisa that same year. Now, four years later there is meaning to this anniversary that is very inspiring. I am a true believer in signs and symbols and the number four packs a punch.

They say that the number four is a number of “being.” It can symbolize the principle of having put your ideas into form. Four is the number that connects mind-body-spirit with the physical world of structure and organization. It represents the need for stability and strength. It symbolizes the safety and security of home.  #Ngangifisa

To kick off our fourth year we welcomed four new families. Four families with 12 total children. Karabo Mboniswa, Mtando Ngwenya, Brian Maesela and Thabiso Mohlala are the eldest in each family.

Karabo Mboniswa is laser-focused on school. She submitted an app idea to Ms. Geek Africa, a competition designed to empower girls in tech across the continent. Her goal is to assist children who are food insecure and prevent other families from experiencing hunger like she did. Mtando Ngwenya’s family had suffered so much he had to result to stealing to feed his siblings. The moment it sunk in that he would no longer have to worry about where their next meal would come from was beautiful. Thabiso Mohlala’s shoes had so many holes in them it’s a wonder they stayed on his feet at all. He and his siblings were in desperate need of clothes. The older boys quickly helped to get him sorted and he walks a bit taller now. Brian Maesela’s family is our smallest and he was probably the most overwhelmed by everything. Food, clothes, sweets and too many hugs. He stopped me the other day, hugged me all on his own and said “You are here like you said you would be.”

For four years we have celebrated every birthday. We have lectured about grades and being in dress code. We have handed out countless hugs and high-fives because they deserve at least one of each per day. We have fought to have their stories told and will continue to do so.  We are always searching for creative ways to impact their lives and give them some calm amidst the chaos. We know none of it would be possible without the support of every individual and group that continually shows up and gives to these kids.

Four years. They say the number four symbolizes the safety and security of home…We have created a family. The number four represents stability and strength…We have conquered the impossible in Diepsloot and created a consistency for our kiddos that they didn’t have before. Four is a powerful number and it is going to be a big year! #Ngangifisa

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